Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society
British Columbia, Canada
     The Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society was conceptualized in 2006, and established in 2009 for the purpose of delivering research resources, advancing environmental and economic Sustainability of Agriculture. The over arching strategy is to establish institutionally agnostic, multi-faculty, multi-disciplinary, multi-genre, parallel study facilities, addressing input and output streams of farming.
What Sustainability Looks Like
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Technology meets  "Permaculture"
(the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.)
Poop Soup & the Inevitable Global Movement
Christopher Bush TEDxEastVan
     Our Mission: Democratization or food, energy and water. Distributed solutions communities of all sizes can take advantage of, and food production in any location.
     Who we are: We are addressing the future of food through systemic solutions. We are a group of pioneers that have come together to overcome the global challenges.
     Imagine zero waste agriculture... the future of food! We start with animal manures, mix them into a ""poop soup"" and cook them, getting biogas energy, and fertilizer. The fertilizer we use to grow a tiny aquatic grass called duckweed, in chambers, with no environmental losses at all. The plants clean the water for reuse, and eat huge quantities of CO2. The plant we ferment to separate the protein from the sugars. Poop to energy, water, food and biochemical feedstocks, with no waste whatsoever!
ACES Partners & Supporters in Sustainability
Those partnering with the Agricultural Centre of Excellence in Sustainability are growing. Join us in our vision and change the future.
Agricultural Centre of Excellence in Sustainability